Tips for Cuba Vacations And Travel

Cuba is an attractive vacation destination for many people, as it has all of the amenities you would ever want a vacation spot to have. You can sign up for Cuba vacations with last minute vacations or other types of vacation packages with your travel agent. Cuba is a tropical island that boasts warm temperatures all year round, and is an ideal spot for winter travel. Cuba vacations allow you to get out of the cold and enjoy the sun and heat like any other tropical destination. As with travel to any other foreign destination, it's wise to learn all you can about the country and follow certain tips when going on Cuba vacations. 

Since the weather for Cuba vacations is going to be warm regardless of when you go, it's wise to pack mainly summer-type clothes. Your resort, restaurants and other buildings may be air conditioned, so if you plan on spending any amount of time indoors, a couple pairs of long pants may be a good idea. Take a look at your vacation package and try to estimate what types of activities you'll be doing so you can include any extra items you might need. Obviously, sunscreen and a hat with a brim are always good to bring on Cuba vacations.

If you plan on bringing any electrical appliances like dryers, curling irons or clocks on your Cuba vacations, check with your travel agent to see if you need an adapter of some sort. This type of information may or may not be covered in the literature of vacation packages. Cuba is on Eastern Standard Time. There is a list of prohibited items that you are not allowed to bring into the country that you should familiarize yourself with before leaving on Cuba vacations. Obvious items like weapons or explosives are prohibited, as are certain types of written literature and other items. Most items that you would bring on a regular vacation are fine to bring into Cuba, but it's always wise to check your vacation package information or with your agent to be certain.

A valid passport is also required to get in and out of the country, the same as with any other foreign vacation. When you're leaving Cuba, you may be charged a departure tax at the airport, which is another expense you should ask about before you go. You will have to obtain permits or other permissions to take antiques or art out of the country. If you choose to travel outside your resort on Cuba vacations, you can rent vans and motorcycles, or use a taxi or tour bus.

Renting a car in Cuba is one of the best ways to see the island but there are a few things to consider. Before you head out, get a GOOD map and make sure it's up to date. Don't let the gas get too low before filling up as you may find a lot of gas stations are either out of gas or closed. A great way to get insight into the island is to pick up a hitchhiker as it is both safe and one of the main ways the locals get around.

Donations in the way of basic daily necessities such as clothes, soap, shampoo etc... are always in demand however; drop these off at either hospitals or churches and avoid using them in lieu of monetary tipping at resorts.

Food in Cuba tends to be quite bland as there are not a lot of spices and while the water is generally safe, bottled water is advisable. This is not to say the food is inedible, but if you like basic tastes like salt and pepper or hot sauce, I would recommend packing your own.

Cuba vacations are a major source of income for the country, so it is usually quite safe. Taking precautions to guard against pickpockets or other thieves like you would anywhere else is generally enough to stay safe. You don't have to be vaccinated for Cuba vacations, and many of the hotels and resorts have nurses and health care services should you need help. You can also drink the tap water, but when in a tropical country it's always wise to stick to the bottled variety whenever possible.

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Top 10 Most Popular travel website in US

Remember the days of travel agencies? They’re long gone and with the internet we have all the information that we could ever possibly need right at our finger tips. The only problem is sorting through and figuring out which travel sites are the most reputable. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Let’s go over the top 10 most popular travel websites- so the next time you’re looking to book a trip you’ve got the resources loaded up and ready to go. 


It’s almost inevitable that you’ll stumble across TripAdvisor on your search for the best travel websites. It’s your one stop shop for hotels, flights, restaurants and even things to do. It’s a great platform where users can leave reviews so you get opinions from real people on their very own experiences and where the best spots to go are.


As soon as I read the name Expedia the commercial jingle chimes through my head. Expedia is one of the forerunners of online travel. They are one of the most established companies so you can count on them to help book your trip from start to finish. They always have great deals for cheap flights and daily top package deals.


Travelocity is a great resource for a build your own vacation. They streamlined their website so that you start with flight and then move on to a place to stay and activities to do while you’re there. The ease of creating an itinerary is great for people who are just starting out with planning their own vacation and don’t know where to begin.

4.The Adventurist

If you’re looking for adventures this is the site to be on. Unlike your generic travel site booking theme it pin points a certain type of vacation full of adrenaline rushes and great active fun. If you’re looking specifically for a trip that will get your heart racing this is the site for you. You’ll never be bored with the chore of booking a vacation with great packages like these.


This is the new hip way of finding a place to stay when you’re on the go. It has cheap rates because it has real people offering their space for you. With flexibility like this you don’t have to settle for the same stagnant hotel experiences and will be able to find groovy pads in neighborhoods that you normally wouldn’t be able to explore. Just remember there are no maids.

6. BuzzFeed Travel

As if Buzzfeed hasn’t covered everything. They now have their very own travel site as well. The great thing about Buzzfeed is that they offer listicle style articles and blog posts that will give you an array of options to choose from when planning your vacation. Who doesn’t love reading about foreign places in an easy to understand format?

7. Kayak

Going back to classic travel sites we couldn’t forget to include Kayak. It’s known for the best flight deals and we know how important that is. Flights can be the most expensive part of any vacation so if you can get them low cost that’s definitely the way to go. If you sign up with them they also offer private deals that the average consumer can’t see. Exclusive offers are always fantastic!

8. Wikitravel

You can read all the blog posts and websites that you want but sometimes the best way to trust is through real life people and experiences. Wikitravel is a community board that allows users to crowd source travel information and submit their own favorite spots, tips and information. Feel free to submit your own experiences as well.

9. Trivago

They boast about the fact that you’ll never have to pay full price for a hotel room and rightfully so. Nobody likes paying out of pocket for expensive hotel rooms when the real fun is what’s outside of those four walls. Book affordably and make the real experience the local city that you’re visiting.

10. Hotwire

Can you hear a catchy jingle ring through your head again? It makes sense because they are owned by Expedia. Another well established site that you can trust, there is no jumping through hoops or worrying that the deals aren’t legitimate. Don’t waste your money on sites you can’t trust and instead book with the ones you know.

We hope that we helped in making your next travel experience one of the best. Take the time so sift through the top 10 travel websites and find your favorite site- you can also take time to compare deals without the worry of wondering if you’re going to be scammed. Happy travels!

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Travel tips to Mexico you should know

Traveling for many is a hobby, while for others it is sometimes done for work, religious or other purposes. Whatever the reason, there are many opportunities to be had from visiting a new country, or revisiting one that was previously toured. One destination many may find to be enthralling is Mexico. In this post, I will present a few travel tips for those of you who may wish to visit Mexico. By providing these tips ri you, it is hoped that they will prove useful as you embark on your newest adventure to a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. Vamanos! ( let's go)
Travel tips to Mexico
Travel tips to Mexico you should know

  • Travel tips to Mexico 1. Where will you rest your head?. Before deciding to board the plane to Mexico, it is important that you first and foremost do your research on hotels or other forms of accommodation in the city you intent to stay. Ensure that the accommodation you choose is visitor friendly, that the view from the room is excellent and that if needed, there are tour guides that will help you to fully enjoy your stay.
  • Travel tips to Mexico 2. Once there, make a concerted effort to pay in the local currency (pesos). This will ensure that you do not have a bad experience where exchange rate conversations are concerned. If you feel the need to , you can make a few transactions in US or other accepted currencies, just keep it to a minimum and you'll have more money at your disposal in the end.
  • Travel tips to Mexico 3. The third tip is just simply to have fun. Try to enjoy Mexico as much as is possible for you to so do. Make visits to the beaches, museums, and restaurants and other sites of interest. Try Mexican food as much as possible and just savor the taste. Mexican food is undoubtedly like no other, and with that said you will not regret it. Try and see for yourself, and you will find it is finger licking good!. Hey, just do not have more chilli than needed.
  • Travel tips to Mexico 4. The next tip is to shop, just do it sensibly. Do as much shopping as you can while you are in Mexico. Be sure to purchase souvenirs and other forms of Memorabilia to take back with you for friends, family and your own personal stash. Months, even years from now you can look at them and remember how lovely your trip yo Mexico was.
  • Travel tips to Mexico 5. Hablas español . Try as much as possible to speak Spanish while you are there. It will help you become more fluent the more you speak and you will also interact with the natives better. Mexicans generally have warm and bubbly personalities so you won't have to worry about fitting in with the crowd.
  • Travel tips to Mexico 6. Walk if you can. If at all possible, make a concerted effort to walk to your destination. If this is done, you won't miss the beautiful scenery that's normally missed while driving or being chauffeured. Walking will allow you to capture moments that you will remember for years to come. This allies me to segue into the next tip about capturing memories.
  • Travel tips to Mexico 7. Take pictures or record videos. As much as possible, take photographs or fi video recordings of your experiences each day while in Mexico. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, well a picture and video will make you quite wealthy intellectually. So go ahead and make those recordings and you will be extremely happy you did.
There you have it, seven tips for visiting Mexico. In summary, enjoy the trip it's as simple as that. Prior to going there, make all the necessary arrangements for accommodation, ensure you have enough money ( pesos and other acceptable forms) and just have fun. Additionally, spend time interacting with the locals who are reputed to be warm and friendly, and consume as much of the Mexican cuisine as is possible. Walk as often as is possible and while you do, be sure to tame many pictures and or video recordings of each outing or rather each site seen. This is the moment you've probably be waiting for a long time, seize every moment, speak as much of the language as you can and just simply enjoy yourself after all, you deserve every moment of it.

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This is a popular program for international cultural exchange that allows students from around the world to not only travel during their summer vacations but work as well in the United States. This program allows the opportunity to the students vacationing in the USA from either University or college the exposure to the culture and way of life in the United Sates. The Department of state is the founder and supervisor. It determines the number of students who get accorded that opportunity each year. The program has companies that register students abroad providing them with the necessary information and documentations. In addition, some agencies work well with the lucky students by planning the journey to the USA, places of work, and purchase of tickets on student’s tariffs.

The program has some few requirements for the students wishing to work and travel in the USA. Some of these requirements include:

• Proficiency in English since they will mostly be interacting with English speaking natives.

• The students must be actively enrolled in an accredited post-secondary educational facility which is outside the USA. They must be pursuing a degree or some full-time course.

• The students must have completed at least one semester or some other form of post-secondary study.

• They must be pre-placed in a job preceding entry except if they are from a visa waiver country.

The program is both beneficial to both the student and the US based business. The business gets to have seasonal staff in the busy months thus cutting costs due to rising workforce needs. For the students, they get an opportunity to work and travel in the USA while earning some bit of money. The program has the following criteria for its duration.

• Maximum employment of 4 months.

• Maximum duration of stay is 5 months. 4 months of employment and 1 month of travel within the USA

• Documents and visa are issued after carefully agreeing to terms with the employer and the student. This means that the participants cannot extend their work permit.

• Students can remain in the USA up to the last day of their school vacation. This means they have to be back in their respective schools on the first day of the new semester.

After the students have the knowledge that they have been enrolled in this program. The participating sponsors must ensure that the participants have the following before departure to the USA:

• Information distribution meetings.

• Consultation services.

• Interview with the prospective USA employer.

• Arrangement and approval of job appointment.

• Documentation such as DS-2019(legal work document).

• Visa application assistance.

• Pre-departure orientation.

• Orientation array.

Upon arrival, the sponsor goes ahead and helps the participant in the following areas:

• Medical and health insurance cover as provided by J-1 sponsor.

• Social security card application if possible.

• Provision of hotline numbers in case of emergency 24 hours while in the USA.

• The sponsor should have continuous support while the participant is in the USA.

When the participants arrive in the USA, they get attached to the employers who have a duty to do the following:

• Employers must provide the participants with the kind numbers of hours they will be paid per week in agreement with the job offer agreed upon when the sponsors were vetting the candidates.

• They should pay the candidates over time when done but should be according to the state the participant is working or according to the federal law.

• Provide the sponsors with details of arrival of participants, any changes in the job placement, and when the candidates leave the workplace.

• In case of emergency, they should contact the sponsors that may involve the participant’s safety, welfare and health.

Candidates who make it to work and travel in the USA are employed in some of the famous locations in the United States such as Cedar point, Six Flags, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone. Upon completion of work, the participants get to travel within the USA. This program enables the candidates to gain significant friendships from many citizens from around the country. They also get to gain some overseas work knowledge. Most important they get to have many great memories of their experience while in the USA. For students wanting to work and travel in the USA in 2017, the US J-1 sponsor organizations to contact include CIEE, CICD, Dynamic Global Exchange, Janus, GeoVisions, and much more. Most important, students should know that this program is not for them to gain any practical training concerning their course knowledge, or seek permanent work openings. They should know that after completion of the program, they must return to their respective countries.

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47 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the USA 2017

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Some of the best cruise lines in the Caribbean

Plenty of sun, white sand beaches and cerulean images will get into your mind when deciding to travel Caribbean. However, since many of the islands in the region boast of the many looked after features, how will know the cruise line that will offer you the best Caribbean experience? By use of a methodology that will factor in the numbers, the variety and the percentage of the Caribbean itineraries alongside the approval ratings of the cruise lines among travelers and experts, the best cruise lines that sail to the Caribbean include:

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Top 10 Safe Driving Tips While Travelling

If you decide to take a vacation, one of the most advocated methods of getting around when you have arrived at your destination is driving. It is convenient, reliable and can forgive you for making mistakes like missing an exit or not reading the map properly. All you have to do is turn back.

However, chances are that at your new destination, you are bound to find that things have slight changed and you are at a disadvantage comparing this to what you are used to in your home country.

How do you make sure that you stay on the alien-like roads and complete your travel trip safely and get back home in one piece? These 10 tips will answer that question for you.

Safe driving (Photo: Internet)

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Explore Son Doong Cave – The world’s biggest cave in Vietnam

Son Doong Cave is based in Quang Binh, in the North Central part of Vietnam, midway between Danang and Hanoi. At the moment, the cave is only available to visit between February and August and closed from September to January due to flood.

Soon Dong Cave , Photo by: Ryan Debloodt

Discovered in 2009, Son Doong Cave in Quang Binh, Vietnam, is currently the biggest cave known by mankind.

This giant is the champion in every aspect. The entire cave is approximately 9 kilometers long with the largest chamber of 200 meters wide and 150 meters high. With such a scale, Son Doong can comfortably host an entire city with NYC’s skyscrapers of up to 40 stories or allow a 747 to fly through. The cave is as twice as large as its runner-up, Deer Cave in Malaysia. Stalagmites in Son Doong are also among the tallest in the world with some towering over 70 meters high.

Photo by: Carsten Peter

Not only exceptional in size, Son Doong is also ranked by BBC News as the most beautiful cave all over the globe. If you have ever watched James Cameron’s Avatar, you may find Son Doong more or less similar to the scenes on Planet Pandora. Untouched by humans and abnormally large, Son Doong has its own river, jungle and climate. Yes, river, jungle, and climate within the cave! The huge temperature difference between the air inside and outside creates a constantly hovering clouds of mist that gives rise to a miraculous and surreal atmosphere.

Son Doong Gate, Photo by: Carsten Peter

Son Doong was discovered by a local lumberjack named Ho Khanh. Although only in 2009 was the discovery officially announced by the British Cave Research Association, Ho Khanh’s first encounter with the giant was actually in 1991, during one of his logging trip. At that moment, Ho Khanh never knew that he had discovered the world’s largest grotto. Indeed, the powerful and mysterious wind blowing from inside the cave scared him as he thought it was one of the cave monsters in local mythology.

Photo by: Carsten Peter

Photo by: Carsten Peter

Photo by: Ryan Debloodt

Photo by: Ryan Debloodt

Photo by: Carsten Peter

Son Doong became open for commercial expedition in 2013. Since then, it has attracted throngs of adventurers who want to have the extraordinary and unique experience of discovering the biggest cave on Earth.

How to get there

Son Doong is located in Son Trach, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam. There is currently no paved road leading to the cave and the journey to the cave is an adventure itself. It will take you about 6 hours to walk 10 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh Highway into the dense tropical forest of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park to reach the mouth of Son Doong.

Discover Son Doong Cave – the world’s biggest cave in Vietnam

By Air

The nearest airport is Dong Hoi Airport, which lies in the capital city Dong Hoi of Quang Binh province. There are several ways to get to Dong Hoi. For hardcore adventurers who cannot resist the urge to enter the cave as soon as possible, flying is the optimal option as it will save both time and energy.

Vietnam Airlines offers flights from Hanoi to Dong Hoi while Vietjet Airs offers flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Dong Hoi on daily basis. Travel time is around one hour for both.

Discover Son Doong Cave – the world’s biggest cave in Vietnam

By train

Alternatively, you can board the Reunification Express trains. Because Vietnam has a lengthy S-shape, there are train services from various cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Hue, Vinh, etc. to Dong Hoi. Travel time varies with distance from your starting point.

Buses and taxies are available too, offering more route options and flexibility. Prices and travel time also vary with starting destinations and service providers.

Discover Son Doong Cave – the world’s biggest cave in Vietnam

From Dong Hoi, you will be transferred to Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and then to the trekking point on Road 20 of Ho Chi Minh Highway, by bus. Therefrom, the only vehicle available is your own feet. To reach Son Doong, it will take you around one day to traverse through forests, hills, and rivers so some fitness and endurance are required. Along the way, you will visit an ethnic village called Ban Doong and spend the night in Hang En Cave.

Best time to visit

The best time of the year to visit Son Doong is from February to August. From February to April, the weather is cool and mild, perfectly suitable for trekking in the cave. However, it can be quite cold at night so be prepared to bring along some trekking jackets. From May to August, the weather is often hot and humid, making the expedition more arduous and challenging. From September to January, the cave is closed as the flood also makes it impossible to access to the caves during this time of the year.

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4 USA Destinations Your Family Will Adore

Going on family vacations should be done as often as possible, as there are multiple benefits, especially for the children. In addition to creating or strengthening the bond between parents and children, family vacations are a valuable source of informal education: children will learn more about geography, history or local traditions than they ever will by studying a school textbook. Moreover, children will have the opportunity to learn more about the world, about different cultures and people, all in a fun and practical way. Lastly, taking a family vacation can prove the best present you can give your children.

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TOP 5 Funniest Videos While Traveling Around The World

TOP 5 Funniest Videos Marketing While Traveling Around The World
Playlist: TOP 5 Funniest Videos While Traveling Around The World

They are awesome. I wish to travel around the world like them, and you?

And now, I want to share with you: "How to Travel Around the World: Tips and know hows". Keep reading ...

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Best Travel Insurance Reviews of 2015 in USA

Best Travel Insurance Reviews of 2015 in USA

Despite the great significance of Travel Insurance, there are still people who do not take it seriously. For instance, some people have the mistaken belief that if one has health insurance, travel insurance is not necessary. For one, health insurance will be less beneficial if one is not seeing a network doctor. During a trip, besides health, a number of other things can go wrong. It is always good to know that one is covered financially. It makes the trip less expensive and more enjoyable. However, not all Travel Insurance companies offer the same level of service. This Travel Insurance Reviews will reveal the strong of some of the best Insurance in USA for travellers.

How to Determine the Best Travel Insurance in USA

The most measure of a good Travel Insurance is the price. However, this should not be the major consideration when deciding on a travel insurance policy. In addition, another important aspect of travel insurance is the features on offer. For instance, does it offer medical cover, baggage loss, flight delay etc.? Furthermore, the efficiency of claim resolution is important on how good an insurance company is. The faster the company resolves claims the better it is. These are just some of the features looked at in making Travel Insurance Reviews.

TravelSafe Insurance

This is one of the best travel insurance providers especially for international flights. One if their unique service is a twenty-four-hour concierge service throughout the world. They also have interpreters at hand for people who do not speak the native language. They also cover the full cost for stolen or lost passports. The company offers up to $2,500 0f travel insurance. This is significantly high when compared to other insurance companies. For those who plan to take long, drawn out trips abroad, they should definitely consider this company. It offers travel insurance for up to three years.

Travel Guard

This company has been in existence for about twenty-five years now. The experience they have gained has allowed them to become a reliable partner for travellers. The company has very flexible travel insurance. One can choose an insurance policy for each trip or on an annual basis. Moreover, one has the option to choose between three tiers of travel insurance. The higher the tier the more the cost; this is great travel insurance for those who want to travel frequently but often pack lightly.

Travelex Travel Insurance

This is one of the best-priced travel insurance options for travellers. They also offer the concierge services like other leading travel insurance providers. In the case of a medical emergency, one is totally covered by this policy. All that is needed is to make a toll-free call to a representative of theirs. The travel insurance provider has a very broad coverage, which includes flight cancellations and lost bags. In addition, if one misses a connecting flight, the travel insurance provider is willing to compensate travellers. Their online tool is great in assisting travellers find a policy best suited to them.

Allianz Global Assistance

Undoubtedly, a top quality travel insurance provider. The company cover all travellers that are below eighteen free. This is definitely one of the greatest offers available from any travel insurance company. They have a broad coverage, which includes medical costs and baggage loss. The company offers both per trip and annual insurance plans for those who travel often. In addition, their free online tool does not require one enter their credit card details in order to get a quote. All one need to do is enter the details of their trip and they instantly get a figure. The company covers different types of travel such a ship cruises and domestic and international flights.

World Nomads

This is a dirt-cheap travel insurance provider. Although their coverage is not as broad as some other travel insurance providers are, they are still quite awesome. The company covers medical and dental emergencies that may arise. However, the upper limit of the insurance provider is a bit low compared to other providers. A great advantage that World Nomads has over others is that their prices are fixed. Consequently, no matter how long one is gone, they are still covered. This travel insurance is best suited to revellers who carry light and just want to spend a few days somewhere having fun.

HTH Travel Insurance

This company has gained a reputation over the years for flexibility of their policies. For instance, people who travel in groups can apply for a much cheaper insurance cover. This is great, especially for people who like to go on weekend holidays abroad and want to save some cash. In addition to the trip cover, the company offers one of the most compressive medical travel insurance covers. Under this option, out of network treatment will be wholly covered in case of any emergency. The company also provides assistance services such as interpreters to its travellers. This can be great in making a trip to a foreign land that much more interesting.

AIG Travel Insurance

This may be last but not least importance travel insurance provider. A most interesting feature about this travel insurance provider is they cover pre-existing conditions. This unique feature really makes them stand out from the pack. As a result, it has gained popularity among travellers who have pre-existing conditions. Contrary to expectations, this does not mean travellers have to pay exorbitant fees. On average, fees are similar to what is paid for other insurance companies. The company has a lot of experienced and is one of the most used companies for travel insurance. Their customer service is awesome and claim resolution is relatively efficient.


Although pricing is important, it should not be crucial in picking the travel insurance provider. There is a lot of information on the internet about the different providers. Going through this will definitely play a crucial role in making an informed decision. It is important to choose a travel insurance provided that does not let one down at their hour of need.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Thank you very much!

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What You Need to Know When Traveling to HaLong Bay

Traveling to HaLong Bay

While visiting Vietnam, chances are that you have HaLong Bay on your “to visit” list. HaLong Bay is located in Quang Ninh Province of Vietnam. The location of the city is prime for featuring the best of Vietnam. Surrounded by thousands of beautifully standing limestone karsts and isles in the middle of water bodies, the area is one that features many other attractions. The name itself means “Bay of Descending Dragons” and the place features just as much culture as the name does. Being an archipelago of over 1500 islands with varying shapes and sizes, some islands have inhabitants while others do not. To access these islands, travellers can travel to the islands via ports that are found in various parts of Vietnam.

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6 Easy Ways to Plan a Cheap Road Trip

Planning a perfect road trip can be a daunting task especially if you are operating on a tight budget. Mapping your detours, meals and stops can be overwhelming. However, with a little bit of creativity, planning a cheap trip does not have to be difficult. Before you hit the road, you should take into consideration the following trip tips if you want to make sure that the road trip is pocket-friendly.

1. Shop Around For Hotel Deals

Even though some people usually like to keep their plans loose when they are traveling, it is a good idea to book your hotels or accommodations before you hit the road. Just because it is a road trip does not mean that you will not need accommodation. While driving around may be fun, you may need to stop somewhere and have some rest or a proper meal. You cannot assume that you will be doing all that in your vehicle.

When you shop around for hotel deals ahead of time, you will have enough time to explore various options so as to determine which ones are most suitable to your budget. But if you decide to go on the trip without looking for a hotel, and then later on decide that you would like to sleep or eat at a hotel, you will be forced to settle for whatever you will find at the next exit. This may end up costing you a lot of money.

Plan a Cheap Road Trip for Everybody

2. Figure Out Where You Want To Go

This is another important cheap trip tip that can help you spend less when you go on a road trip. When you know where you want to go to ahead of time, it will be easier for you to master the easiest routes to reach there, what you need to carry along, and other important details that will make the trip a success. If you start the road trip blindly without having a clear idea of where your destination is, you may end up getting lost on the way, and this means that you will spend more on gas and fuel.

Finding information on where you are going is very simple. You simply need to go to your favorite search engine and then type in the name of that place plus keywords such as vacation or tourism. By doing so, you will get ideas on how to reach that place using the shortest route. You will also know the average temperatures of the place in advance, something that will help you know which kind of attire to bring on the road trip.

3. Carry Your Own Food

This is one of the trip tips that will help you save a considerable amount of money on your road trip. Before leaving your home, you should purchase a cooler and stock it up with foods and drinks that you can take while traveling. This is because the foods in most vacation destinations are priced higher than normal, so you will be able to save some money by bringing your own food. You will also eat healthier by avoiding unhealthy foods along the way.

4. Take Your Vehicle For A Tune-Up

This is a cheap trip tip that you do not want to ignore if you want to have a smooth journey. Taking your vehicle for a checkup before embarking on the road trip will help you to avoid car trouble in unfamiliar places. It will also help you to save some money on gas. Be sure to take your vehicle in for an oil change and make sure that tires, wiper blades, air filters and fluid levels are inspected properly. Even though you cannot predict a roadside breakdown, some maintenance on the vehicle can help prevent it.

5. Bring Your Friends

Traveling with your friends is one of the trip tips that can help you save a good amount of money on your road trip. You will be able to save a lot of money on gas if you use the same vehicle with your friends and split the cost. Additionally, some state and national parks usually charge an entrance fee per car, meaning that you will be able to save even more money if you travel as a group. You can also save more money by sharing accommodation and splitting the cost.

6. Look For Budget-Friendly Activities

Besides planning ahead and being creative when you are going on a road trip, another cheap trip tip that will help you save more money is finding budget-friendly activities. There are state and national parks that usually waive on admission. Another budget-friendly option is beaches. The beaches also make a great setting for taking the foods and drinks you brought along.

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